Baby Starts Crawling for Mom, Dog Photobombs Milestone Moment

Mom and Charlie are practicing crawling on the ground when something marvelous happened! Charlie began to make small movements that resembled actual crawling. Mom ran over for her camera, but when she started recording, the family dog decided to get Mom’s attention instead. Thank goodness the camera was already running because this pup’s obviously jealous behavior was too darn funny! Now you can watch what the dog did for yourself…

Of course, the baby is going to get the spotlight. Crawling is a big deal, after all. But when you’re a dog used to getting all the attention, that might not sit well with you. In fact, it might inspire you to photobomb the baby during his shining moment.

That type of jealous behavior is exactly what Mom experienced when she tried to get Charlie to crawl her way! Katniss, the family’s adorable dachshund, heard Mom call for her baby and stuck her head right in the way of the camera lens. Rather than look guilty for stealing Mom’s attention, Katniss sat there waiting for rubs happily! This goofy pup knew what she was doing and didn’t have an ounce of remorse. Take a peek at this pup’s hilarious jealousy by pressing “play” on the video below. Anyone can see that Katniss loves to be the center of attention!